Home Discussion Forum what is the best way to try and astral project?

what is the best way to try and astral project?

the reason is because i feel that there is a whole world out there that i don’t completely understand (the spiritual world) and i would like to understand it better by astral projecting. also i find it very interesting and would love to experience it, even if it don’t get any answers.


  1. According to cutting-edge quantum theory, it is mathematically possible for people to physically go straight through walls. I think “astral projection” is only an anticipation of the real thing that is yet to come.

  2. entheogens, drumming, chanting, singing, meditation, learn to lucid dream and continue to improve upon that.

  3. Let me ask you a question – why are you trying to astral project? I remember when I was in High School I was into astral projection – I even managed to do it a couple times – the reason why I was doing it was because I wanted to meet God – if it were possible I wanted to know if there were something more to life.
    The years went by and I didn’t find God through astral projection – infact it wasn’t until I read the Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible that I truly learned who God was – I learned that he wanted to know me and he provided a way for me to be with him before I was even born – he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for me.
    If knowing God is what you are after, I would advise you to read the Gospels – the Gospel of John is my favorite. You may come to know your creator, the one you are searching for 🙂
    God bless!

  4. There are many different ways and not every way works for everyone. For me I’d say lay down in a quiet place. Make sure you’re comfortable and won’t get cold. Close your eyes. Then just practice slowing down your breathing and making it feel “heavier” and fill you. As it gets heavier then you kind of try and push yourself out. I do it by slightly holding a heavy breath and using that “heaviness” to help push you out. Once you’re out, you’ll know. But if you’re just starting it may take some work to get out and stay out for a while.


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