Home Discussion Forum What is the best way to practice telekinesis?

What is the best way to practice telekinesis?

How should i train myself to move objects with my subconscious mind?


  1. Good question, since nobody EVER has succeeded in doing such a thing. Despite some urban legends and unsubstantiated wild claims here and there, there is no actual evidence that this has ever occurred.
    But maybe you’ll be the first, so I’d suggest practicing with something very tiny and move up from there.

  2. stop with the drugs LOL no really wold it take an incredibly strong subconscious that no human being has and even then the strain on someones mind wold case some problems- but if your series I’d suggests consecrating on sliding small stone on a glass table OH and no more drugs OK

  3. there are very sceptical people with narrow minds, apparently everyone can do it but it is just training your mind to do it. start with mediation and clearing your mind and being able to concentrate. That would be a great gift to have

  4. first off, is this something you either know instinctively or have shown tendencies towards? because you have to be born with the power strong enough to be trained…

  5. Telekinesis is like flying. We can’t do it.It is much safer to try though.Here’s some similar questions to yours.Why not contact a few of them and see how they made out.

  6. If you’re training yourself you’re doing it consciously. And if you’re exercising an ability you’re doing it consciously as well. Therefore, unless you want to be able to move things randomly and not according to your wishes, you should avoid training yourself to do anything subconsciously.
    Oh, and since TK has never been displayed by anyone, it’s not unreasonable to assume that such talents do not exist.
    EDIT: Why is it that so many true believers say that TK is possible if people just open their minds or meditate or try hard enough? They can’t perform TK any more than anyone else, so why is it that they hold such blind optimism? If it’s so simple, as they suggest, then why aren’t *they* doing it? Why isn’t *anyone* doing it?

  7. The best way to learn is by reading comic books, and trying to do what they do, since comic books is the only place that telekinesis is proven to exist.


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