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What is the best way to meditate?

I’m a non-denominational spiritual person and I’ve been awakened. Is there a process to make my meditation sessions more productive? Or can something that would encourage me to follow through when I do recieve information? I don’t follow any established riuals or use props yet. The signs that its time for me to meditate seem to be jitters, itchy ears and light sensiivity. If possible, I turn off lights, lay down, close my eyes, let my ears ring, and start thinking about issues that need attention. Sometimes I see colors and lights but I can’t determine who/what/why/etc. Overall, this method has scratched the surface of successful, but it seems too elementary. Is there anything else I can do? I feel like there is a lot of untapped potential in me. Thank you


  1. First, you need to get all of the issues that need attention, out of the way. Once you do that, you can really be calm.
    I would go outside and lie in the grass. Just stare up at the sky and let your mind wander. Close yours eyes after a while and just relax.
    As for rituals, I wouldn’t force myself to follow through. If you’re not relaxed and you’re willing to do it, not wanting. Then don’t. You need to be perfectly calm.

  2. You need to pray and ask God for His help. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE lots of “spiritual” things that are beyond our normal senses – but there is a right way and a wrong way to approach those things. Self-centered meditation – like what you describe – will lead you down a dark and deceptive path.
    Read the bible read read read.
    God bless

  3. From your description it is clear that you are at the first level of meditation ie. “thinking about the self”, next to it is the “concentration” and then comes the real “meditation”.
    You should now start reading books that you think have valuable information about this subject, along with the practice. Try to keep the company of the people who know more about meditation.
    Your feeling is right that you have a lot of untapped potential in you.


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