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What is the best way to meditate in order to achieve an altered state of consciousness?


  1. google what is the best way to meditate
    trust u will find a lot of techniques

  2. turn off your computer, get out of the house and go enjoy the wonders the world has to offer…that is the best way I know to fully achieve an alter state of consciousness.

  3. Meditation is just thinking. It is not magic.
    Thinking can bring insights into problems or can merely calm a person. Either achieves an altered state.
    To meditate, just get comfortable.

  4. The Native Way.
    You have to fast for 4 days (during the full moon)
    In the wilderness. Not in your house or in the city or town where you live.

  5. Ok, because I assume you’re looking for a real answer, here’s what I do (with moderate success over the years–I don’t practice enough ) I lay down in a dim room with a fan or other white noise (some cd’s of nature sounds are good too) . Start at the top of your head (some people like to start at the feet) then focus sequentially on each muscle group & “think” them relaxed. Once relaxed from head to toe, calm your “self”. That is, stop. (don’t “try” to stop, trying makes it harder) just accept when thoughts, emotions, sensory stimulus crosses your mind, think, yup there it is, then let it go, (Like “Ok, yup, that’s a thought, I’ll think about that later”) After a while you’ll feel a kind of floating sensation–sort of aware of where & what, etc., but you don’t care–just let go of whatever it is–acknowledge it & go on. This all takes practice, practice, practice. Sometimes (most times for me) you fall asleep. That’s ok, because even from that point your “dreams” may have clarity & meaning.
    There, that should get you started. Happy trails, to you. 🙂


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