What is the best way to learn telepathy?






  1. like any skill it needs practice, you can not be a pro on the first day your try,
    I in sport?

  2. It is a proven fact that all humans are born with a degree of telepathic ability. Some more than others. Some a lot less than others. You don’t learn it. You have it. The trick is to try and develop what’s already there. Practice, practice, practice. And of course, the practice is no guarantee that your inborn telepathic ability will improve.

  3. Keep trying and realize that if you are actually successful, not only will you be the first person to do it but you will be able to make millions off of the book sales alone.

  4. Find somebody, a friend perhaps who is also interested in the subject and try it out.
    But somebody who will take it seriously. Get one of you to think of something at the same time.

  5. You’d have to find an expert con man to teach you how to rip people off, because there is no such thing as telepathy.

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