Home Discussion Forum What is the best way to learn tai chi?

What is the best way to learn tai chi?

From DVDs? if yeah which ones plz? And if from school, what shall determine the quality of it? thnx


  1. Tai Chi is very complex and takes lifetimes to master.Videos could be useful for starters,but I’d get a teacher.
    good luck

  2. i think the best way would be for u to inroll in a school that teaches it so the instructor can critic u on what your doing wrong and u can improve and stuff.

  3. I just started Tai Chi in July and from talking to my classmates who have paid for books and DVDs, it seems that your money is better spent on just on class, especially at the beginning.
    Their other comments are that with a DVD, half the time you will be fumbling around with the remote trying to review moves; and a book is even worse because you need to fumble around flipping pages. Its just too distracting, which takes away from the actual practice.
    In a class, you have the instructor to give feedback. And I find that my classmates are also helpful and fun to be around.
    I’m not sure how to determine the quality, but I suppose you can call your schools to find how many years of practice the instructors have.

  4. I haven’t seen a video that would do you any good yet. But maybe check out YouTube if you have a broadband connection. I have seen some decent videos in there, among the parodies. If you can find some useful exercises from a video, then it couldn’t really hurt.
    Tai Chi is traditionally taught for free, at dawn, in a public park. The practice was created under the Yellow Emperor as a basic wellness program for the masses. The doctors who designed genuine Tai Chi were the same who devised her brother, Kung Fu, as the fighting form of the two “hard” forms of Qi Gong. *Source, “Secrets of the Yellow Emperor”.
    When you open up the Yellow Pages, if they don’t have a listing for Tai Chi, then contact the Kung Fu schools, as they should know where classes are held and when. If you don’t have any Kung Fu schools, then contact your local Asian markets. In the West, what we would call an Asian grocery store, can be the center of communication for networking among fellow expatriates.
    *Note that some teachers have modified the system of traditional Tai Chi, into a self defense system as well.
    Good luck.
    *Note, a style called Tai Chi Chuan has recently taken root as a fighting style. It should not be confused with traditional Tai Chi. http://www.wustyle.com/ch/new/article.php?id=60


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