what is the best way to integrate yoga into your daily life?

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I have a busy life style.
Have taken yoga classes– consider myself a beginner, but I definitely would like to make a point to practice it at home—–what’s the best time, place—– don’t have that much space in my house………any tips?

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I’d check out
and especially
Sadie has a book and a dvd, but you don’t need to buy them. I didn’t She has over a 100 videos and is still making more, (not all on her youtube account) and there’s a bunch made for beginners. You can ask for help or suggestions on any of her videos and she’ll respond. So this is a good place to start.
As for the other websites, iyogalife.com has a lot of information on different types of yoga
and you can choose from there. It also has blogs made by yoga instructors and many different types of workouts.
yogatoday.com has a different hour-long workout each day.
yogajournal.com is full of information, with instructions on how to do 118 poses and what to eat and how to cross train and so on.
That’s all I can think of right now. You should definitely get off to a good start with this, and it can all be done in your home with minimal space.
Hope I helped!


Practicing yoga at home is a very good way to fit your schedule and free your time. 15 to 30 minutes of yoga is good for you. The place should not be a large space. you can even practice it in your own room, in case you ventilate it and let the fresh air enter before practicing yoga. This free yoga e-course is nice with many exercises and breathing techniques:


Just living life is yoga 🙂 You really only need as much space as your mat to have a good practise. I like yoga at anytime of the day however sun salutes and a 15 minute energizing practise in the morning are enough on most days. If time permits restorative yoga at night before meditation is prefferable…but I sometimes end up doing Ashtanga which gives you incredible amounts of energy for days on end.
A home practise is easily built with yoga tapes and awesome shows like Steve Ross & Namaste Yoga on television…& of course there is Lila on PBS where she has been teaching yoga for many years even before I was born.


10 minutes of yoga a day is better then 1 or 2 long yoga classes a week. I suggest find a dvd or something you can do at home. The more you do the more you will learn that yoga can be done any where, even if it is just for one breath.


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