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What is the best way to figure out if I have healing powers and how do I use them?

Someone once told me I have a strong power to heal others but I don’t really know where to start! any help?
By the way if you don’t believe in this don’t bother wasting my time with pathetic sarky answers. Thanks


  1. evey one has healing power, some just can use it better.. you may be one of them… i think a good way to do that is to put your hand on the part of some one’s body and just LOVE it…meaning send it loving energy…

  2. I would suggest you start by examining the literature to find any physical explanation to how such a thing would be possible, and then move on to studying confirmed cases which have been scientifically tested and proven.
    Shouldn’t take long…

  3. Hi,i would suggest going to a meeting of you local spiritualist church,and ask if there is a learning circle,if so,this will help develop and healing /sleep writing/clairvoyant abilities you may have.these circles are usually held at one of the churches own mediums homes and they do all aspects of healing etc.they do things like sand drawing and interpretations of what is in the sand,they do clairvoyance,healing,even hypnotherapy,so if you are really interested give it a go,healing hands are rare and precious it is a given gift to use to help others with,and if abused (money charged for healing) the gift will be taken away.

  4. no no no
    it is fake
    spells are fake get ready for a real shock so is Santa
    there is a one million dollar prize for anyone that proves anything supernatural, para normal or occult
    here the link
    the money has been offered sense 1964 no one has even come close to claiming it

  5. Many people have healing powers, it’s just that only a few ever learn how to use them.
    Start small, focus on little injury’s; cuts and scrapes and slowly work your way up, in time you will be able to heal anyone and anything.

  6. Hello
    Healing energy can be felt – do you feel sensations in your hands when you about another who is unwell?
    That can be a good indicator.
    What you do with your ability is develop it, so that it is more solid & workable for yourself. & where you go from there is up to your spiritual self.


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