What is the best way to experience a spiritual awakening?

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Lion Sack

Read the book of mormon.

Steve R

Sleep in.


praying reading watching some awesome movies don’t really know you find what works for you


worship 🙂

Karl P

Come to the realization ‘you’ are a sinner and are ‘bankrupt’ without Jesus for starters.

William F

Depends on where you are.
Have you been born again? born of the Spirit?
If not, according to the Bible, you are still dead in your sins. Call upon God in the Name of Jesus Christ to save you, repenting of your sins.
If you have been born again, then be diligent to receive all God has for you and to obey His commandments found in the New Testament.
Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gift of God. Earnestly seek spiritual gifts. Strive to walk in love.
For sound Bible teaching try:
for a fresh move of God, check out:

Eclectic Heretic

Best, most lasting method is probably meditation. It is really simple to do and it basically frees your mind from the day-to-day clutter so you can be open to your god or spiritual path. Try Google on meditation, there are many ways to do it.
There are hallucinogenics as well, and some of them have been used in other cultures for years. Or try drumming. A sustained drumbeat while you still your mind can be very relaxing and get you into a different level.


Meditation, study and service to others


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