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What is the best way to deep meditation?

i recently have made meditation a part of my daily routine. When i am able to slip into a deep tance-like state i absolutely love it. what are some ways to get into a deep trance. I like to stare at a pattern/object or listen to my breathes until I’m there but sometimes i ust can’t. i’m new but i love it so far. would a CD of water, nature or rin help? do people commonly use these? are ear plugs OK? ( I have a 1 yr old)


  1. I have just made it part of my routine as well. I have a little machine that makes rain forest sounds. I turn off all distractions, and concentrate solely on the sound. Then I relax each muscle in my body ( it feels like I’m numb, and nothing else exists except my thoughts). I concentrate on the sounds I hear, and visualize the sound. Sometimes i feel like i`m actually there. I personally dont use ear plugs, because they are kind of a distraction. Any soothing sound will work, but i found out I concentrate better, and feel more relaxed if the sounds of nature.


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