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What is the best way to deal with negative energy?

I have a lot of negative energy.
I am angry at my ex-husband because he was abusive and controlling with me. He now says that I have been rude to both him and my daughter and need to be humble.
I am angry at my mother because she contantly makes rude remarks to me. She tries to rub in my face also that she keeps in touch with my daughter who lives in another state. My daughter does not want to speak with me.
I don’t want to tell my parents too much about my life because then they try to boss me around. I don’t have a close friend to talk to. I try to write out my feelings or do chores around the house to turn negative energy into positive energy.
I basically feel that I have achieved nothing in life. I failed in my role as a mother, sister (my brother and I don’t get along now), and daughter. I don’t know how I can get through each day except by keeping busy.


  1. well babe all you need to do is jsut be happy go out and do something for yourself and try to find that friend or trustworthy man..just stay positive and try to surround yourself with positive, loving, and trustworthy people. i hope this advice helps.

  2. Find a support group, either in real life or on the internet.
    When you realise that there are others who have experienced similar suffering, you’ll realise that you are not alone.
    Then you know you are NOT a failure and you can begin to have more positive thoughts.
    And then you can begin to take charge of your own life!

  3. Instead of just doing chores around the house, go for a walk somewhere nice and quite, enjoy the fresh air. Try some mediation and exercise. If you can distance yourself from your mother a bit (not totally), do that. She is the negative influence by constantly critizing you. If you can talk to her about what she is doing, do it. Start believing in yourself.

  4. do not think on any moment about your past, only think the you have a beatiful life to live, say to yourself, my life from now on gonna be beatiful, repeat this as much as you can,
    i recomend you read a good book of self help or join to a christian church,practice meditacion,relaxation,do exersice

  5. You have nothing but negative people around you. Get away from them. Make your life the way you want it to be. Your happiness is what counts. Stop allowing their behaviors to ruin your life.

  6. congratulations, you’ve already made a start: you have acknowledged that you have negative energy which has affected your life.
    Try this: Write down every single thing that has upset you in your life, every situation that you felt you couldn’t deal with and had a negative impact on you. Don’t worry if it turns into a novel… just make a start and let the words flow. Just write as you think, the words will just come.
    Then, burn the pages and ask your angels and the universe to take the pain and negativity from you and replace it with calmness and peace and positive feelings. Ask to be freed from the negative aura around you.
    Remove all items from your home that remind you of bad things or situations, replace them with new ones or simply let them go. Even throw out photos if you must.
    Then believe that you will now be a better person with positive vibes. If you believe you have negativity, you will attract negativity, it’s that simple. Start a positive cycle by doing something good for someone else. Just a little thing, here and there. Bring some biscuits to your neighbour or invite them over for a cup of coffee, say something nice to the stressed mum shopping with crying kids, things like that. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make. WHen you feel ready, write a letter to your daughter, write it from the heart and send it with love. Ask the universe for a second chance.
    Lastly, burn clary sage in every room of your house, starting with your bedroom. (Essential oil in a safe burner). This is widely accepted as a cleansing ritual.
    You can also buy something called ‘Rescue Remedy’… based on Bach Flower Essences, it’s made up of natural flower essences which are really helpful in times of extreme stress. You simply take 4 drops under the tongue twice a day. Available through health shops.
    If you believe, it will work. It’s up to you.

  7. Realize that feeling those emotions are normal…anyone who has been abused in any manner walks through feeling angry.
    Everything you are describing is not that unusual, and you are expressing a desire to not let the emotions control you any longer. Have you spoken to counselor? I would suggest trying that, and in the moments you are feeling anger..ask yourself if how you are feeling is serving any purpose other than to make yourself feel bad? Change your environment….go outside and listen to the birds, go for a walk, go get an ice cream cone, make a phone call to a friend, do something that you like.

  8. Try meditation, grounding and centering, daily. Guided meditations are great. When I have a lot of negative energy built up, I meditate either outside, in contact with the ground, or with a crystal, like smoky quartz. I try to focus on tapping into the pure, positive energy of the universe and casting all the negative energy into the ground or crystal, where it is diffused. This sounds a little abstract, probably, I’ve included a couple links. You may want to consider a Reiki treament as well.

  9. There are ups and downs in life. We have no choice but to accept them.It forms part of life. You really need to share all your grief with someone, he/she may be a complete a stranger, for instance through chatting. Sharing greatly reduces all the bitterness, so please speak with someone.
    You may also try some sports and reading as these will help to you relax and to forget, even for some time your problems.
    Don’t worry, things will surely work out. give your close ones some time and when the time will be appropriate, have a talk with them.
    Good luck!

  10. In order to get rid of negative energy, you must transform it into positive energy, and this begins with the realisation that all of your actions to date in your life have been carried out with a positive intent.
    I don’t know what kind of a person your ex-husband is, but having met a lot of control freaks in my time I can guess that he made you do things. What was the positive intent behind your actions? Did you do things because you wanted to make him happy? Did you do things to protect your daughter? Whatever happened, when you cut through the layers, there is a positive intent that underlies your actions, because ultimately, we don’t do things in order to hurt ourselves.
    Ask the question of yourself now — the first answer you get will probably be right — call it a woman’s intuition.
    All too often when we get angry it puts a cloud over our reasons for doing things in the first place, and it is in these reasons that you’ll find the positive intent you need.
    A few more things you may like to consider: when you give a control freak what they want, it is never enough, they always want more – and it’s never their fault, the blame always lies with someone else; your mother has a strategy of being rude to be kind, and it’s possible that you’ve adopted this strategy without even knowing it. The next time you’re trying to be kind and not getting the reaction you want, listen to your voice and if you hear your mother in there, try something else — anything else, just break the pattern. Start by laughing at yourself, laughter is the best medicine of all.
    I’ve never met you, but I know that you’ve only ever tried your best to make a difference to the lives of people you care about, and once you’ve finished reading this and made yourself a drink, you can begin to care about yourself and do the best job you can to turn the positive energy on and be nice to yourself, as you realise that you have a right to be happy and move on forward with your life.

  11. You are not alone. I personally have experienced many of these feelings, like you.. and have found that working the 12 steps is the only way for me to release them and be happy. Although the 12 steps was created for alcoholics anonymous (and you may not be an A.A. as I am) it works for many different people for many different reasons….. and if you truly want to release the negative energy.. it is a free way to start. (compared to counseling…)
    Also, my friend has a website… http://www.nativehealingsfromtheheartbytrina.com she is a native american healer.. and gives intuitive readings… she is very helfpul in a lot of ways.
    Take care.


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