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What is the best way to control your mind? How to control your thoguhts? Just think about positive things.?

I want to find out how i can control my mind to think only positive thoughts, be more optimistic, cheerful, radiate energy and “Feel good” in general. There are some mind control methods I have come across. Does anyone have practical experience with such mid control techniques?


  1. Theres no way to control your mind. But if you are a Christian thank God for giving you another day and make the most if it. Focus on him and you’ll see eventually the change will happen.

  2. hullo
    to live good is to be free from conflicts as much as possible, nonetheless life is not always just.meditation might be of help in your condition.
    Dr solo

  3. Oh yes there is a way to control your mind.Look for the positive in Everything,even if it does not seem good at the time,there is always a reason behind why.The more you put this into practice,the more you are able to control your mind.


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