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What is the best way to clear your mind for meditation?

I used to be able to meditate easily. Now I have so much going through my mind I can’t stay focused. I think I have adult ADD…


  1. Try something relaxing before it, to forget your thoughts. Good examples might be….
    Tai Chi
    Fung Shwei (I dont know if I spelled that right)
    even reading helps, writing helps you get the thoughts out on paper too. If you like to draw, try art.

  2. keep a burning candle in front of you. at the height where your eyes see it horizontally.
    It is recommended that the backgroup be a mono color.
    try to concentrate and see the red flame on the candle
    This should help
    cheers !!!

  3. I too, had trouble meditating. And like you, I questioned whether it was because of ADD. But the fact that I was able to meditate and focus so easily when I was younger, tells me that it is purely situational. It seems to me that you are at the moment plagued with uncertainty and you are quite not sure what the problem is so you try to label it with ADD because that is your way of defining that problem. You need to ask yourself what is keeping me from focusing and find its root and resolve it… it is only then that you will be able to find calm.

  4. I do ablution and pray to One and the Real God who Created you and provided you every thing. Read Quran in the prayers with full understanding. Learn Arabic so that you can read Quran in its original language as Quran is protected letter by letter, word by word in its original language and its language is frsh frozen forever so Quran is today as fresh as on day 1. It is most beautiful book as it is from God in its original language. It is the most soothing. So when you start reading it with full understanding your mind will not deviate at all.


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