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What is the best way to clean a yoga mat? Preferably without dry cleaning…?

I am not sure of the best way to clean a yoga mat. The one I have has acquired a bit of nasty smells accordingly. I wonder if you can just soak it in mild soap and wring it out, or if that might mess it up ? (it is that weird tacky foam-type material)


  1. you actually take a bucket of urine and wipe it down. this has essential ingredients and is free. after wiping it down with the urine, wipe it down with vinegar to remove the smell. I’ve done yoga for 12 years and I know this sounds ridiculous but it really does work.

  2. Just soak it in the bath tub with some hot water and liquid laundry detergent(a capful of bleach won’t hurt), rinse and hang to dry.

  3. I clean mine with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. I fill the tub with warm water and add 1/2 cup vinegar to the water. Let it sit in the tub for about 30 minutes. Then I drain the water, rinse with warm water. Towel dry it a little and hang up to dry the rest of the way.
    Vinegar is a great deodorizer and the vinegar smell dissipates as it dries.

  4. Soaking it in the tub with some gentle cleaner is great (I don’t recommend bleach, unless you want a spotted mat), if you are prepared to wait for it to drip dry in 3 days. If you are, the gentle cycle on your washer is an option too.
    If can’t wait for it to dry that long, try just wiping it down with a moist (not wet) rag with either vinegar or cleaner on it.


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