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What is the best way to become fully in touch with nature?

I’m 20 years old and grew up in a middle class consumer family. I’ve basically dropped out of school, donated almost all of my personal possessions to charity, and am volunteering at an organic farm in a heavily wooded area so that I can become one with nature and save the world from being destroyed by man. I grew up a Christian, became an atheist in middle school, became a Buddhist in college, and now I practice Zen. I’ve also become more knowledgeable in indigenous cultural beliefs such as animism and shamanism. I’m extremely against the destructive capitalist consumer “culture” and want to help bring it to an end, but there is a problem. So many people have become dependent on the system and are too closed minded to want to change their ways, even if it means the destruction of life on the planet if they don’t. I need to find a way to become one with Nature so that I can teach others how to live in harmony with it, like our ancestors once did. I have stopped driving a car, have cut myself off from my dependence on money, hike for hours on end most of the week, meditate for extended periods of time, practice fasting every so often, and have taken a vision quest on hallucinogenic substances to connect me more with my natural surroundings. What should I do next?


  1. Stop searching, and start living. You need to start anchoring your life on something. You’ve swung from one set of beliefs to another like a monkey swinging on a vine. Take time to know what you believe.
    I’m sorry, but trees, bugs and dirt won’t teach you anything. You are born with instincts, but you need to nurture your rational mind to grow. You nurture that mind by education. You will not get an education by listening to the wind (unless you’re a meteorologist).
    If I were you, I would be seeking the Truth of Reality. Test things against the scientific method. Anchor your life, anchor your soul. And then begin living.
    A seed will never bear fruit if it never takes root. You need roots.

  2. if you want to be one with nature, read the Tao Te Ching. at least 100 times, in at least a dozen translations. it would probably help if you were primitive camping in the wilderness for a month or so while you do this and meditate on it.
    read han shan’s ‘cold mountain’.
    read ‘the teachings of don juan’ by casteneda. then read ‘the life & teachings of carlos castaneda’ – a book that distills a lot of what casteneda has to say.
    if you want to destroy capitalist consumerism – reading the Tao will help you with that. you’ll understand that it’s best to do nothing and watch capitalist consumerism destroy itself. trying to influence that is working against the Way of Things, which won’t help you or society. however, living naturally as you see fit can influence others. Wu-Wei, doing thru not doing.
    “If you’ve done things right, people won’t be sure if you’ve done anything at all.”

  3. Exactly how does this internet connection fit in with your “natural” lifestyle?
    Next? Understand that your lifestyle is not independent of the structured society, just apparently ignorant of its impact (your internet usage wasn’t enabled by a tree, your drugs aren’t free to you or the person that gave them to you, and the shoes you walk on aren’t made from birch bark). If you don’t understand this, then you will appear to be hypocritical in your position when you go to show “teach” others your philosophy.
    By the way – I have no idea how you conclude that chemical substances lead to natural experiences. That falls under the same conflicting concept as natural-looking eye shadow or organic processed fruit juice.

  4. Why isn’t there people like you living near me..?
    Well, my advice is to go into nature, take off all of your clothes and just lie there, somewhere you feel like no people would interrupt.
    Go swimming in the water, re-learn to talk to creation.

  5. Depends on how fully enmeshed you wish to become. The Native American and the caveman both depended on nature, but they were not truly a part of it. To become a part of nature you must devoid yourself of all the trappings of man and with just your bare hands (and body) and native wits, expose yourself to the laws of survival on equal terms with the wildlife. There is a very high probability that you will not survive the experience. This is the main reason that man became civilized.


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