What is the best way for me to achieve Astral Projection?





i have tried many times before, and have not yet done it fully.
there are too many people selling cd’s etc…Yet this info to share will be Free, from those whom truely have excelled in the wisdom and heart of spirit.


  1. astral projection – i started reading about it a couple of years ago, and i was open minded but didnt truly believe in it. a couple of months ago i thought to myself that i would like to try again to see if it is real or not. anyway i jabber on, to cut a long story short – i had my first projection a couple of weeks ago. the first time only lasted a few minutes and i had a bit of trouble with my vision. the second time was excellent, it lasted much longer and i was able to ‘teleport’
    to wherever i wanted and it was very clear. when i first read that people feel vibrations before they leave their body – i didnt really believe it but whenever i project now i always feel the vibrations first, sometimes i see a shade of gold over everything just after i’ve left. once youve actually learned to project, youre next mission
    will be to learn how to make the projections last longer. i must say that i doubted the existence of astral projection until i had experienced it for myself. this is my technique and i really hope that it works for you:
    i make sure that im not hungry, thirsty, in a rush, or need to click my knuckles or anything like that.
    i lay down in a quiet place (my sofa with tv turned down very quiet) and keep my mind blank, i mean completely blank of any sort of critical thinking or rational thinking – if i do have to think something then i just rest my consciousness on my breathing, dont be afraid if you think you might fall asleep – actually welcome the slowed down feeling that it brings. if you find that your mind starts to wander into thinking then just blank your mind again without acknowledging it.
    if you can keep this going long enough then you’ll start falling into a trance, although if you think to yourself ‘oh im in a trance’ then this will wake you up again so just let it happen and try not to acknowledge anything that goes on in your mind.
    at this point i just keep the trance going and dont think anything, my mind knows that my intention is to project so it will happen. then i get these mad vibrations through my body and i know that its happening – but dont think anything – just let the vibrations happen, in a way you have to ignore everything. then at this point my projection starts, and can happen in different ways. sometimes i just find myself out of my body, sometimes i feel myself sort of come out.
    anyway this method works for me and i wish you success, also feel free to change it a bit, do what comes naturally.
    good luck!

  2. Psychic phenomena are intimately connected to the imagination, which is influenced by belief. In our current world culture, astral projection is not really believed in to a large degree.
    The first thing to do is to develop a body of knowledge within yourself that will genuinely allow you to believe it is possible. An amazing resource is the Robert Monroe trilogy. You say truth should be free, and indeed it ultimately is… but this is the best money can buy. Also, you will have to identify and eliminate all beliefs that disallow astral projection.
    With your new body of knowledge, you learn to use the will and imagination to project consciousness.
    The actual techniques vary. I find the healthiest way to go about this is to start with knowledge, and follow which ever path you feel inclined to the most. This may mean spending some time away from the desire to project, in that you may feel inclined to learn more about prayer, meditation, consciousness, chakras, reiki, or any such thing. Just allow the process by encouraging it to follow its own course.

  3. WOW:
    You haven’t done so already? I have every time I find myself feeling sorry for myself. Being to critical of my fellow man. Or just so full of myself. I get taken back into what I call “Astral Projection” I find myself aloft in space, looking down at good old ‘Terra-firma’ earth. I’m dressed only in a flowing children’s type nightgown, not too much unlike the characters in ‘Peter Pan’. A soft and tender hand holds me firm so I wont fall back down to earth. I know the form is a fatherly type male, also in a similar type gown, with a great and fuzzy beard white as his hair. For a moment my hand slips out of his. He grabs me gently and lovingly. I do not fall. Everywhere there is darkness around me cold and foreboding, many dangerous things threaten to hit me…I’m frightened but not terrified, his touch comforts me. I realize I’m just a child of maybe 10 or 12. I look to my right, to my savior here high above the earth. I see a strong masculine old man identical in features to Michelangelo’s “The Creation” speaking firmly and lovingly to me. He comforts me with the words…’Don’t worry my son for I will not let you fall as long as you are here with me’.

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