What is the best time to do Tai Chi?

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I’m trying to incorporate tai chi into my daily regiment.
My 90 year old asian grandmother has been doing it for 60 years at sunrise but that’s way too ealry for me!
Is it best to do tai chi – –
1. Morning or evening?
2. Before or after strenuous exercise?
3. On an empty stomach/or can I eat lightly beforehand?

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any tai is a good tai for tai chi.

modern wushu

should do it in the morning and evening.
Tai chi contains the Yang and Ying components (Day and Night). Actually, the more you do, the better it will be — whenever you have time.
you should not do it with empty stomach or too full.

Chris P

Not after eating: it will impede the digestive process (unless you are doing it wrong).


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