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What is the best time of day for meditation?

I’ve been feeling stressed out and I find it hard to focus on studies lately so I’ve decided to try out mediation since I know it can have a great effect on inner balance. I think I know how to do it but I’m not sure of the timing. Please help.


  1. I think it really depends on personal preference. I prefer first thing in the morning because this is when my mind is the most clear and I think it is a good way to start the day. AM Yoga really helps me start the day off well.

  2. The long dark teatime of the soul.
    No, more seriously, try a morning yoga routine, and lunchbreak/afternoon meditation.
    Person above: Prayer ≠Meditation

  3. This is a strictly personal thing and may be best answered individually.
    However, early in the morning where there are fewer distractions might work. Or late in the evening when others in your household have gone to bed. It is an individual thing.

  4. Time doesn’t matter. You can meditate 24/7. 🙂 Keep practicing bringing yourself back into the present moment and pretty soon it will be second nature to you.
    Practice staying focused on what it is you are doing ‘now.’ That is meditation, bringing your mind into the present moment and keeping it from drifting into the past or the future, this fine tunes awareness. The present moment becomes the past as well as the future simultaneously, so we may as well stay in the present moment. 🙂
    There is nothing complicated at all about it, it isn’t a ritual but a personal practice for the individual. 🙂 There is no right or wrong way to meditate.

  5. well as a Hindu i beleive the best time for meditation is early in the morning. wake up at 5 AM and get cleaned. then do some yoga and get blood flowing better
    then do meditation and breathing exercises. do this everyday and in a week you will feel so rejuvinated and alive
    all the best!

  6. Meditation depends on you.
    I prefer to meditate early in the morning, right after I wake up, and at night, right before I sleep. Most people prefer to do it in the morning, since your brain is mostly unpreoccupied.
    You also have to take into consideration that you can not meditate on a full stomach. If you are going to meditate before bed, it has to be at least two hours after your last bite.
    Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work at first, it takes time.
    Good luck with school and meditation!

  7. Join the millions of people meditating in Falun Gong method because you can meditate anytime. The best time is around midnight when most people are ready to sleep.
    The mediation mechanism is well explained in the ‘China Falun Gong’ book. The effects and advantages are discussed in details in the Zhuan Falun Lecture. Both books and meditation demonstration video are free to download from the URL listed below. If you need any help, contact a local practitioner in your area for free instructions.
    Falun Gong was found in 1992 by Master Li Hongzhi in China. About 100 million followers like the practice in over 80 countries worldwide. Falun Gong is an ancient practice for the body, mind, and spirit based upon the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Falun Gong consists of five sets of powerful exercises.
    Falun Gong, Tibetans, other Buddhists, and Daoists have been persecuted in China. The most offensive human right violation is the organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners in China. Can you kindly sign a petition to stop persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, please ?

  8. The timing is rather unimportant. I tend to meditate in the morning and again in the evening before retiring for the night. I will also meditate (sunyata and anapana sati see http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/ariyadhamma/bl115.html ) whenever I feel stressed which is rather frequent since I have post traumatic stress–a rather long and involved “gory story”. A last piece of advice from Sogyal Rinpoche which relates to your question:
    “Often people ask me: ‘How long should I meditate? And when? Should I practice twenty minutes in the morning and in the evening, or is it better to do several short practices during the day?’ Yes, it is good to meditate for twenty minutes, though that is not to say that twenty minutes is the limit. I have not found in the scriptures any reference to twenty minutes; I think it is a notion that has been contrived in the West, and I call it Meditation Western Standard Time. The point is not how long you meditate; the point is whether the practice actually brings you to a certain state of mindfulness and presence, where you are a little open and able to connect with your heart essence. And five minutes of wakeful sitting practice is of far greater value than twenty minutes of dozing!”
    I hope this of some use to your practice.
    May all be at peace.


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