Home Discussion Forum what is the best thing to use when scrying?

what is the best thing to use when scrying?

a crystal glass with water? a mirror? fire? or something else?


  1. I haven’t actually done any scrying but the most common tool used is a bowl full of water I think. Obsidian too maybe…..Anyway just pick whatever you are comfortable with.

  2. Whatever works for you is the best. A mirror in a dark room that’s illuminated by a candle out of sight is supposed to be stimulating.

  3. crystal ball
    Any process of divination which involves looking into a mirror, flame, glass, crystal or other reflective / shiny object is called scrying. The term comes from the word descry, which means “to catch sight of,” particularly of something obscure or difficult to see.

  4. I use a large sphere of obsidian (bonus: this stone is relatively inexpensive!). I really feel a connection to stones in general so it is only natural for me to use them to scry. I have a few large quartz spheres but they don’t seem to work as well for that purpose for me. Everyone attunes to stones in different ways. My husband is drawn to black onyx. Perhaps you could find some stones to meditate with to see if there are any that feel right for you.


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