What is the best thing to use to cover a Book of Shadows?

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After two years in the craft and numerous different books that have all come to a rather ugly ending, in other peoples hands, or that just didn’t suit my needs, I am looking to make my own Book of Shadows in the same way that the production crew of the show Charmed created the famous book. They used a cover that was something like a photo album with a post system that held the pages like a binder but looked like a normal book. Would a photo album (generally large) with a post system instead of rings give the same effect with 400 sheets of parchment paper, or could someone give me something better? I forgot to mention that I want to be able to open it and add new information, take out outdated stuff, etc. I am not talking about creating a replica of the Charmed book of shadows or anything like that, I’m asking if anyone knows if the whole photo album idea will work or if anybody has any other ideas. I will be using this as my personal Book of Shadows.
Thank you all so much for your awesome suggestions, but after a very extensive search I’ve decided that it will be better if I just go ahead and purchase a very large and blank book. I rather like the idea of adding and adding upon what is already there. This would also have been a family heirloom so the idea of using a decently bound book does sound good. Again, thank you all so very much.

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  1. Actually there are books out there that tell exactly how to make books like that. Or, if you know of a small book store, or library ask who repairs their books and get in contact with that person. They would be the best people to ask to find out how to put a book like that together. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do either since I have both limited funds, time and resources (ie: too small a town.) to work with. If you do find someone who can do it I would love to know too! I want to do the same thing. Good luck and Blessed Be!

  2. There are many technical manuals that are bound that way: Post bindings that are basically like three-ring binders. Also archival quality positive (or negative) binders (used in photography) could suit you. As for the cover material, I suggest Kevlar®.

  3. You can use scrapbooks that contain the posts for your book of shadows (and find replacement pins in scrapbook shops to allow for book expansion). You can also look online for instructions to make your own hardbound book (which is not all that hard, but is time consuming), however doesn’t allow for rearrangement or removal of pages. I personally like the post bound system as I am always adding to my collection.
    Scrapbooks can be found just about anywhere from your local department store, craft store or even dollar store.

  4. Quality stamp albums are made in that way. Google “stamp album” and you can access binders and blank pages that fit. Pages are acid-free; that is important anyway.

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