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What is the best technique for astral projection…?

Please help… Thanx!


  1. I really wouldn’t recommend it. Leave it alone, it’s not in your best interest to play around with things you don’t undrstand.

  2. It helps if you tell yourself all day long that when you go to sleep tonight, you will astral project. When it’s time for bed, your room should be cool and you should wear clothes that are not restricting…or no clothes. The only problem with no clothes is that (in my experience) you pop out of your body and have a hard time going anywhere because you know that you’re naked. 😉
    Amethyst in your pillow case helps and make sure you that you don’t have anything that stimulates you before you go to bed, like ice cream or smoking. Taking a hot bath right before sleep would help a lot.
    Try to limit your caffiene intake for the day. Basically, when you’re ready to go to bed, you want your body to totally be able to relax and you want to make sure you wont be tossing and turning in your sleep, because that will prevent it from happening. The rest is mind over matter. 😉


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