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what is the best tarot spread when inquiring about your financial future and career? Any help would be.?

thanks hitman appreciate your advice


  1. I’m sure you’re probably a nice person, but don’t look at stupid cards that cannot tell the future. Go to a financial planner and a career advisor if you need help. It’s more credible than meaningless cards.

  2. You can try this three card spread:
    1. Financial: Financial situation, or potential financial outlook
    2. Mental: Mental outlook or attitude
    3. Career situation, or potential career outlook
    Here’s a 9 card spred that gives you more information:
    1. Financial Past
    2. Financial Present
    3. Financial Future
    4. Mental outlook/attitude Past
    5. Mental outlook/attitude Present
    6. Mental outlook/attitude Future
    7. Career situation Past
    8. Career potential Present
    9. Career potential Future
    This spread, the Sacred Cave, may offer additional insight.
    1. You
    2. What empowers (motivates) you
    3. What keeps you company (what is always with you)
    4. What shelters you
    5. What you seek
    6. What you feel the need to create

  3. A 78 card Tarot spread consisting of $100.00 Bills for the Minor Arcana and $1000.00 bills for the Major Arcana. The Empress Card would also have an acceptance letter for a career making $150,000 per year


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