What is the best tarot card pack for a beginner?

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Ive recently become interested in tarot and other holistic things such as crystal healing, aura readings, encaustic pictures and the like, i have a deck of archangel micheal cards which i use regularly and i would like to move forward and learn to read tarot cards, can anyone advise me on a deck and book to get or anything else that would fit into that category? many thanks in advance.
Its my choice to belive what i wish and to put my passion into what i choose, please if you dont agree dont comment.

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How would I know

Use your kids go fish cards.. they’re just as good and you don’t have to pay for them…
You know.. since this stuff is all one big scam.


The Rider-Waite deck and the Cosmic deck are good examples of illustrated Tarot decks, where the images in the cards give away part of their meaning. These are generally the most useful for the beginner, so you don’t have to learn off all 78 interpretations. The Cosmic Tarot is a modern version with movie-like imagery, and the court cards are gender-balanced (instead of page and knight, this deck uses Princess and Prince).
If you want a more traditional deck, the IJJ Swiss deck is a good buy. It is very simple, yet colourful, and the patterns can be used as mandalas as well, without distracting imagery.


The most well-developed and coherent set of symbolism would be the Rider Waite deck.
(unless you lean in the direction of Alester Crowley – which …I hope not)
@”where the images in the cards give away part of their meaning. These are generally the most useful for the beginner”
This is not solely for the benefit of the reader. The powerful imagery is necessary to engage the client’s unconcious.
Moreover, if you want to use them for meditation rather than solely for reading, then again – it is expressly the power of the imagery that you want.
To say “for beginner” realy does an injustice for an artform that is based on a mystical revelation on the part of the artist.
@”The Cosmic Tarot is a modern version with movie-like imagery, and the court cards are gender-balanced”
Thats just plain silly


Gardnerian tarot cards have had a lot of demon power associated with them, if I were going to put my soul in the hands of evil created beings that wanted me to be separate from the love of God, I’d probably go with a Gardnerian deck. However consorting with demons even through a deck of ordinary playing cards will do the trick.

Chris ॐ

I think the best thing is to look at some pictures of decks and see which speak to you. I personally like the golden dawn deck.
edit: My guru now tells me not to engage in divination. At some point in your spiritual journey yo will need to look for God within rather than look outward with divination.

Eclectic Mage

The Rider-Waite deck is by far the best for beginners, but members of my Coven have started out with much more complex decks.
The chosen way to find the right deck for you is simply to find a store that carries them, and spend a Fe minutes browsing through them. There are hundreds of different decks to decide from and you will certainly find one to fit you. One of my Coveners loves cats. She chose a deck with felines. Another found a beautiful deck with Fairy Tale pictures. I myself have used a pocket sized Rider-Waite deck for over 20 years with great success. Best Wishes. Blessed Be.


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