What is the best Super Bowl Halftime show you have ever seen?

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mine would have to be the last time it was in tampa. super bowl 35 when it was aerosmith nelly britney spears nsync
mary j blige and r kelly all singing part of walk this way.

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Kim G

I liked when Paul McCartney was on

b r o c k e n ♥

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake
it was funny the boob haha


I honestly cannot stand the halftime shows. They never get bands that can get a true football crowd into it. It’s all these morons rushing to the stage to scream for someone whose best days were behind them before these people were even born. Why not get bands like U2 or Nickelback? Or Saliva? You don’t have to have an expletive-ridden performance. Saliva’s songs can be performed without “f-bombs” and “b*tch”. u2 and Greenday did the best football performance I’d ever seen at the re-opening of the Superdome in 2006.


Aerosmith rocks.

Ryan B



I’d have to agree the Aerosmith, NSync show was the best. By the way though it was Nelly not R Kelly. This was the best show because of the mixture of acts. Why be forced to sit through 12 min of one artist? A mix of different artists and styles is surely a better way to please a large demographic, something different for everyone.


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