Home Discussion Forum What is the best start in Yoga for beginner?

What is the best start in Yoga for beginner?

I am totally new to yoga. Any good tip for beginner?
from your experice, what is the great experice from yoga? I had heard it is great to lose wieght as well


  1. I’m a beginner at Yoga as well. I talked to the instructor and told her my health problems and my degree of flexiability. She choose the right class for me which is gently and easy.

  2. its not about getting all the posters right its about the peace of mind concentrait on ur breathing and ur body will fallow long breaths in through the nose out through the mouth

  3. Yoga Magazine .com is a good web site to try for information on poses and starting a practice. A good beginner video is Patricia Waldens beginning yoga video or dvd. Gaiman.com has a good listing of yoga supplies including dvd.s


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