What is the best proof of reincarnation?

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I didn’t know there WAS any proof of reincarnation.

juan g

more than one birthmark


there is none,kinda like god and the flying spaghetti monster,no proof!


there is none because it aint real


There’s a pretty interesting book entitled “Many Lives, Many Masters”by a Dr. named Weiss who regularly used hypnosis to try to get to the bottom of patients who had hard to cure fears and phobias.
He got the surprise of his life with one patient who somehow got regressed back to before she was born! he never believed in that stuff at all. Read it, it is pretty interesting.


Thousands of documented knowledge of things and events that a person would otherwise not have known about.
The most compelling of these has been the exact location of buried items later found, at distant locations by children under ten who come from families that do not believe in reincarnation.


JCL, you have been asking that very same question for two lifetimes now.


death. kill urself and you’ll find the answer. heheh jk…
well in philosophy class, they say that ‘in the end is my beginning.’ or was that the bible =P… but christianity doesn’t believe in reincarnation??? strange…. ;o)

shilo y

their isn’t. I once was interested in it, and did the hypnosis thing, etc… and it was baloney. (this was before I found GOD).
after I became a christian I learned you have one life, then death. and in the end you either go to heaven and live forever with God, or go to hell, separated from GOD

Loren is just plain Borin'

When you go to the Other Side and choose your next life and pass through the veil again.
I would say that actually doing it would be the best proof.
You can’t really prove it here on Earth, unless you are a firm believer of past life regression or communicate with a spirit guide.


What reincarnation??? Come on )…


“The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock, http://www.divinecosmos.com
“The Path to Immortality,” Mark Prophet.
“Life before Life,” Jim Tucker, M.D.
“Babies Remember Birth,” David Chamberlain, Ph.D.
“But I say unto you, that Elijah is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall the Son of man also suffer of them. Then the disciples understood that He spoke unto them of John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17) “If you will receive (him), this is Elijah who was to come.” (Matthew 11).
“Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust,” Rabbi Yonassan Gershom.
“Reborn in the West: The Masters of Reincarnation,” Vicki MacKenzie.
Each embodiment is a distinct soul-initiative, subject to sowing and reaping, with potential for realization and salvation.
“Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda, and
“Men in White Apparel,” Ann Ree Colton.


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