What is the best place to find information about witchcraft?

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Also, where is the best place to get supplies for witchcraft?

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http://www.witchvox.com is a good online source for articles and for finding locals that can help you learn.
Supplies for witchcraft are everywhere, you don’t necessarily need a specialty store for candles, oils, incense. I find alot on amazon.com very cheaply as well. Whenever possible grow your own herbs, make your own oils & incense.


it depends which sort of witchcraft really. For modern witchcraft/Wicca check out http://wicca.timerift.net
For historical accounts of what people called witchcraft then have a look in the history section of your library. For the anthropological view then you’ll need to look at the archaeology/anthropology/sociology sections
As for supplies… well your local occult shop would be a good place to start, and there are many websites out there dedicated to selling everything the modern witch would possibly need.

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Haiti mexico basically Latin America
but id say haiti


That depends on what kind of witchcraft you are looking into. If you’re interested in a spirituality based witchcraft, you can find plenty of information in your average book store – Barnes & Nobles, for example. If you’re looking into an Afro-Carribean type of witchcraft, then you’ll have to look a little bit harder, but there is plenty of information out there about Santeria, Candomble, and Voodoo. Then there’s ceremonial magic, hedge witchery, kitchen witchery, faerie magic, dragon magic, shamanism, and Egyptian magic. There’s also angelic magic, Hoodoo, Jewitchery, Jewish mysticism, and blood magic.
Books by Scott Cunningham are brilliant. Raymond Buckland, Christopher Penczak, and Stewart and Janet Ferrar are also good.
As to where you get supplies, that also depends on the type of witchcraft. Most witchcraft is performed with supplies you can get anywhere – candles, herbs, stones, oils, etc.


its hard to find any good information about that online……the best thing would just be books older ones if your lucky to find them, if not there are a rare few newer books that cover the subject quite well
as for supplies…
they usually have some pretty nice things

Mr. Sureno

On line or at your public library.

Angel K

Silver RavenWolf is a pretty good person to read she has lots of books on Witch Craft !


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