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what is the best place on the internet to learn and or experience hypnosis?

I am very interested in some quick mind control techniques on other people. Something cool and a little amazing also!! I guess I’m looking for some hypnosis party tricks if yo will. I’d like to put others in aww of the hypnosis trick. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.


  1. Just google it! but Defiantly a good location to take some friends is out on the Wharf at Darling Harbor. There is defiantly something weird there! If you just stare out into the harbor and breath calmly you can be easily hypnotized

  2. “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!” I sincerely doubt that there are any reputable people who would attempt hypnosis over an Internet connection. Can you picture what would happen if you were to lose your connection just as you slipped into a deep trance?
    The public libraries and bookstores in the nearest city will have a wealth of volumes on the subject. Amazon and Barnes&Noble probably also have a large number of books for sale.
    Hypnotizing another carries with it an awesome responsibility. It really isn’t a very good party trick.

  3. Oh I’m sure there are plenty of books and videos out there. As with anything, I’m sure it takes some practice. However, you should note that many are impervious to hypnosis and most will not do anything they normally wouldn’t do when conscious. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Try Hypnosis for Dummies.
    On a side note, you cannot hypnotize anyone who is unwilling to be hypnotized – it’s just impossible. It requires their focus and if they don’t want to be hypnotized they won’t be.
    Also, it isn’t mind control – you can only bring them into states of mind where they are suceptible to suggestion – not command. You can’t hypnotize someone to kill someone else unless they already are capible and already want to kill them and they let you hypnotize them.

  5. ok first off I went thru hypnosis to quit smoking and yes it helped me to quit after one session . what is it . it’s like this for example you are on a car trip with your head against the window. very comfortable. you can hear every thing being said you can answer or just ignore the talk. it’s the point between being asleep and being awake. you will not do something under hypnosis that you would not do if not under hyposis. you can also come out from under it any time you want


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