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What is the best pagan route for someone like me to take or are they all more or less the same?

I like paganism better then Christianity and realize that Christianity borrowed a lot of ideas and beliefs from paganism.


  1. Paganism is not really one belief, but a general term for many different (non-Abrahamic) beliefs. Though many people may guide you along the way, you will have to make your own choices ultimately.

  2. Its a lot of research; reading books and talking to those who follow different paths. Its really what you feel drawn to and what calls you more than anything else.

  3. People don’t like Christianity because they feel they shouldn’t have to follow any commandments they feel they do not want to be held accountable for their actions. If they only knew that living a true Christian life IS complete joy and the best journey a person could ever take! Please look into Christianity more there is hope with it, not with religion!

  4. Yes Christianity has taken many of our Pagan beliefs and turned them around to make them stand for what they want them to mean.Not what they mean to us who follow Wicca.Like in May we honor the Mother Earth and they crown the Virgin Mary as Queen of the May …..and then they have the nerve to pick at us ! Just believe in your heart…you will be more than fine if you do.


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