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What is the best music to listen to for meditation?

I have started meditation recently and am interested in what would be best to listen to whilst i do it… ive tried coldplay and some deep thinking music, but im looking for something more?? Also any good music ideas for yoga would be really appreciated!! Thanks 🙂


  1. I personally prefer natural sounds; my favorite is water – rain, ocean surf, streams, etc. There are lots of tracks of water available online.

  2. You’re own breath. You really shouldn’t use music if you are trying to meditate the correct way. It is to clear the mind of all obstacles and sensory input so the inner soul may escape. Sound will keep you entrapped in your own physical existence, defeating your purpose of meditating in the first place.

  3. The very best are Indian ragas (mentioned above) as they are specifically made to enhance the experience of meditation in a very profound and complex way. In comparison western ‘meditation music’ seem silly and childish.
    Any high level classical Indian musician will usually do a good job. Some examples are Ali Akbar Khan, Amjad Ali Khan and Hariprasad Chaurasia although there are many others that you can discover for yourself.
    Western classical music like Mozart and Bach is good as well although it can be a bit too regimented and busy sometimes.

  4. Personally, I find any kind of noise during meditation to be distracting- I often wear ear-plugs/muffs or go to somewhere very tranquil. Almost all music arouses the senses and can lead to emotional feelings which are a hindrance to clear contemplation. It reminds me of the zen saying “When you sit, just sit.” You don’t need to listen to music to sit!
    If total silence cannot suffice or be accomplished the only thing I could recommend are weather sounds or water sounds, such as rain, rivers, windchimes, etc.


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