Home Discussion Forum What is the best method of healing torn calf muscles?

What is the best method of healing torn calf muscles?

I fell off my backdoor step a week ago and am still finding near impossible to walk. As my leg twisted it popped really badly and since then i cannot put my foot down at all. The bruising has all come out around the ankle (which is puffy and yellow) with pins and needles underneath but I don’t know how to progress the healing of it. I’ve so much to do I NEED to get this better. All help greatly received.


  1. Sounds like you need medical attention. If you’re going to do it yourself, drink LOTS of water and STAY OFF YOUR FEET. And keep your mind positive at all times. I healed my back this way (in record time, too.)

  2. Management of gastrocnemius muscle tears, or tendo-Achilles injuries, which this could also be, depends very much on severity. A minor injury is best managed with rapid gentle mobilisation, a moderate problem might require a plaster slab and a severe one surgical wiring! Go have it checked out.

  3. go to a doctor ask if they would give you anti-inflammatories, pain relievers & a bandage. ask them if it would help it helped me alot.


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