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What is the best Lucid Dreaming technique?

What is the best lucid dreaming technique…and what is the fastest way a beginner can learn to have lucid dreams?


  1. I do it quite naturally and it has always been with me. in what does it consist? the starting point comes from juggling my mind with any event important. something I read or seen on TV. can sporting event, whatever. there is a point in time when inspiration comes in and I started changing the whole history. off course, I am always the hero in my dreams. The advantage, you never get nightmares!

  2. In dreams I will often choose the ending if I don’t like what is happening. Without putting effort in thought (because if I concentrate I will wake up), I visualize the end. When I visualize while in the dream, it goes the way I want. But the key is NOT to concentrate. Know that you can create and do it with ease.

  3. There is no sure fire way to have a lucid dream. Each technique may not work for different people.
    A good way would have a lucid dream is to wake up 3-4 hours earlier than usual and wake yourself up fully then go back to sleep.
    Another way I read about was to lay on your back on your bed and just stare at the roof. Try to stay lucid until the very moment you fall asleep and you will bring some of that lucidity into your dreams.
    Lastly some things you can do outside of night time could be recording your dreams and eating ‘lucid foods’ like pickles, dairy products, mustard and popcorn.
    Or you can combine them all, eat lucid foods, wake up in the middle of the night, write down your dreams and then try to fall back asleep with your eyes open.
    hope those help.


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