What is the best kind of underwear to wear during yoga?

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I have ordered some yoga videos and some clothing designed for yoga, however i have tried looking for a sight that would tell me what the best type of underwear is for men to wear during yoga. I know that the clothing is not supposed to be restrictive but i have also seen some yoga poses that look uncomfortable to be done with out support, please help guys.

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I think no underwear will work just fine.


a thong, you’ll look killer hot bending over:)


UnderArmour Jock


haha, whatever you want?


Jock strap.


a peekaboo thong!


Yoga is about freedom of movement.
So less clothing is better. If you wear shorts, wear the kind that have lining or come down to the knees. You can also use sweat pants. No underwear, just a shirt or t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants.
Good Luck


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