What is the best Hypnosis Community Site to visit?

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I have been interested in hypnosis and NLP for a while. Does anyone know of a really good Hypnosis Community site?

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I have been to a few different ones and the best one I have found so far is Trancedout: A Free Online Hypnosis and NLP Community located at http://www.freehypnosiscommunity.com
Lots of cool people and tons of great advice and information. Very laid back. I think you’ll enjoy it.


Hello Michael
Join my forum if you wish


This site is similar to tranced out site,it has some 3209 members who include hypnotherapists,stage hypnotists,hypnosis schools/trainings and networking online and in real world,also videos of such things as hypnosis shows,street hypnosis and training .it has both professionals,amateurs and members of the general public who are interested in all things hypnosis,N.L.P. and more.the sites address is http://www.hypnothoughts.com/


I hope IT”S OK that I’m asking a question on top of the other, but I was having hard time finding sites you were asking for before I came here, instead all I could find was those which over floded Google and everything. my question is do this private sites really help? for example this one…


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