Home Discussion Forum What is the best guide for feng-shui available?

What is the best guide for feng-shui available?

I want to try feng-shui to improve my financial status but my problem is that it is so expensive to keep on consulting feng-shui experts. Is there a general guide available that I can read over and over again


  1. Penn & Teller once had a show on Feng-shui in which they allowed some top names in Califormia to share there thoughts. In the end this practice was proven to be nothing more than BS. Which is probably why the show is called Bull S***

  2. no such thing as a general guide book.
    fengshui is just a group of concepts/ formulas/ methods.
    if you want to learn flying stars, buy a book called “a master course in fengshui” by eva wong. she teaches basic flying stars in that book. then lillian too wrote some books on 8 mansions method or the east-west method. among these 2 flying stars is more powerful, when you applied it correctly, but it is just mroe tedious than 8 mansions. 8 mansions is easy, but it is not that powerful. most of the time, 8 mansions is just used to enhance the fengshui renovations based on flying stars (primary). you also need to note that in these 2 books, and in most fengshui books, the authors do not teach you the advanced use of the method.


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