What is the best form of meditation to rid oneself of emotion?

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By nature, I tend to be overly emotional and sensitive, this has caused me problems in the past. I was just wondering if anyone might have any knowledge on how to fix this problem, through meditation or any other method.

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an ssri – at least that is how it made me feel


For meditation of emotion, I would recommend the practice of Anshwarathampta, also known as the “Passenger Pursuit”.

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Rock of Ages
Meditation will not rid you of your emotions, which is good as you need them.
It will however with practice allow you to be calm & emotionally objective which gives you more control & a peaceful outlook.
Self hypnosis can achieve the same.


sorry to say but the medicine within yourself.
emotions are just a part of life
we deal with them and live life
you can get one some anxiety medications but that will only help so much.


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