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What is the best form of Meditation for a beginner?

I want to feel the benefits of mediation. I’ve tried it a few times but it never seems to work for me. What technique is best to get started and if you have any tips I would appreciate it.


  1. Breathing exercises are probably one of the easiest. Just focus on your breath, in and out. If thoughts go through your head, just accept them and move on with tuning into your breathing. It’s a good technique for learning how to clear your mind.

  2. Focus on the breathing. Thoughts may come and go but try not to be too distracted. When that happens just return your focus to the breathing.

  3. Grab a Bible verse and meditate on that baby for hours or even days. They don’t call it the living word for nothing. Try it and see what it opens up for you.

  4. Well i am a beginner in meditation myself but 3 days ago i came across a site that offers a free 21 day meditation video training (got the link in my source). You receive one video each day into your mail. so far i watched 3 videos the first was on the purpose of meditation, the 2nd on how to meditate and the 3rd video was about daily meditation. it is perfectly suiting for beginners imho. so far i am really satified with it especially since it is free. LOL

  5. There are many benefits in the meditation of Falun Gong. The key is let minimize the desire for benefit.
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