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What is the best cloth and color to partially cover a crystal ball hold it while working at the craft?


  1. Silk cloth, in white, if you’re looking for purity, black if you’re looking for protection, indigo for clarity, or else whatever color fits the situation

  2. I prefer a “natural” fiber, linen is my personal favorite. The “best” color would depend on the crystal in question. If it is a fairly clear quartz, I’d want a dark color; if it’s an obsidian (my favorite gazing ball is obsidian laced with pyrite. Gorgeous.), I’d prefer something in a warm color.

  3. i think velvet protects the ball better than silk. silk blocks out energies and interferes with certain energies.
    black is always good for the dramatic effect and also helps concentrate the visual field around the ball.
    a reader that i knew used to just have it on her table and say she covers it only to keep the dust away so any old hankie would do.
    she never let it out of her working room.
    she also had little crystal balls of different colours, the size of a golf ball, that she used, saying that the transparent ball that’s in all the movies is really not necessary albeit very dramatic and that different types of quartz were good for different people

  4. I have heard that it’s best to use a black cloth so as to limit distractions, as well as the cloth being of a velvet material.


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