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What is the best book on Meditation for begginers?

I am looking to start meditating to relieve stress, find some inner peace. I am also on a constant journey to find spirituality….any suggestions?


  1. A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine
    Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde
    You’ll see it when you believe it by Dr.Wayne Dyer
    God bless you in your journey my Brother

  2. Forget the book. Here is a Simple Mediation. Turn off all noises in your home. TV, Radio, so On. It is best done at night when everyone else is asleep. Take a hot show and relax the body. Put on some loose pj’s and stretch your limbs as though you were going to exercise, than when you are all limber simply sit down in a comfortable manner, on a couch, cross legged, it does not matter as long as you are comfortable. slowly breathe in, hold for a little and not to long, just relaxed, into your belly, than exhale for the same amount of time you inhaled. Try not to think of anything. If helpful when things start to flood in your mind literally imagine a tiny dot of gentle light in the mind’s eye, and focus on it when mental chatter starts. It takes time but it is helpful. Incense, helps with relaxation as well. There is nothing Mystical about it. If you start to have “visions” resist and focus back on the dot of light, it is only the dream side of the mind trying to interrupt. If you feel yourself feeling like your about to have an OBE (Out of Body Experience) wake yourself up through a conscious act of Pinching yourself. Everyone’s mind works differently. The OBE “usually” is a Hallucination. After about a half hour of meditation, have some nice “non-caffeinated” tea or some soup like Chicken noodle, or if vegetarian, something along these lines. In the end, you will be very relaxed. If you feel sleepy, go with it. Might have some interesting dreams.


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