What is the best book about Feng Shui?

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I have interest in Feng Shui. I consider myself to be around intermediate level when it comes to knowledge about the subject as I have done some reading but there’s always room for improvement. What book/s are best in the sense that they cover a lot of different areas in a lot of detail, are easy to understand, etc? You know, the works.

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I was pretty partial to “Feng Shui and the Day at the Dogtrack”.
Feng goes to the dogtrack and loses the mob’s money and is on the run….pretty exciting!!


Joey Yap, Lilian Too


Search books by Graham Gunn, the best for me.


the problem about fengshui is that no book out there publish in english that is considered to be authentic. most books in english are about black hat fengshui or about bits and pieces of the real thing. and those books published in chinese are in codes and not straight to the point; they are written in such a way, because these books are meant to be read only by those who knows fengshui.
i used to buy and read fengshui from books. but i think all that changed when i took my first seminar in fengshui under a fengshui master. none of the books i’ve read touched even a percent of fengshui! i have finished so many seminars and i still feel that i just know less than 5% of fengshui.
there is one book that talks about flying stars, a concept/ technique in fengshui. it is written by ms. eva wong. get the 2nd edition, it has more exercises than the 1st edition. it is the only book that talks about authentic chinese fengshui.
there are many more techniques like water placements/ water dragons, 8 mansions, xuan kong da gua, etc. the best way to learn is still find a master who is willing to teach you. and sometimes it is worth to review the same seminar from a different master to give you a different perspective on the same formula, giving you more ways to apply it.
* joey yap and lillian too, both learned from master yap cheng hai of malaysia. so why learn from them, if you can learn from the master who taught them? i had taken some seminars under joey yap, and it is not a good experience, because he refuse to answer certain questions, so you can take more courses from him! what a rip-off!!! and ms. lillian too is a good writer, she is no way near a master! remember, a master must have a long history of fengshui experience and a master is only a master, not because he/ she called himself that, but because of the people/ students who called him/ her such title!


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