Home Discussion Forum what is the best beginners tai-chi video on youtube ?

what is the best beginners tai-chi video on youtube ?

i’m really excited to learn it and would like to know what has worked 4 u


  1. If you’re so pumped to go learn it GO TAKE A REAL CLASS.
    YouTube videos can assist if you’re already doing it but they can’t substitute for a REAL TEACHER.

  2. Check out Erle Montaigue at YouTube – Moontagu’s Channel.
    He has a step-by-step selection of video clips teaching the Yang Chengfu Long Form, clips on how to do basic push hands, and online lessons about the how’s and why’s of movement, form, and mental attitude.
    Great resource.

  3. First of all there are a lot of really great resources on youtube and other places, but these should be used only as resources. If you try to learn Taijiquan (also spelled Tai Chi Chuan, but pronounced the same way) from videos you are most likely going to hurt yourself. You really need a qualified instructor to help you.
    Secondly, you have to decide what style of Taijiquan you would like to learn. There are generally 5 styles in practice today:
    1. Chen
    2. Yang
    3. Wu
    4. Wu (Hao)
    5. Sun
    You need to research these styles and experiment with each to find one that suits you. Of course I recommend Chen style since it’s the oldest and the most martial of the five. Also, I practice the art myself. But seriously, do your research and find one that’s right for you.
    Thirdly you need to decide why you are practicing Taijiquan. There are five basic reasons:
    1. Health
    2. Personal Development, Spiritual Practice
    3. Cultural Exploration
    4. Social Activity
    5. Martial Arts
    Your reasons could be any one or all of these, but this will also help you decide on which type of instructor you could choose. It is my own personal opinion, however, that you get the most benefits from practicing the art in its fullest sense.


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