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What is the belief behind the crystal ball?

I always see TV shows where a reader will look into a Crystal ball. Where did this practice come from? Does it even exist at all or is it all ratings? Where do you buy these crystal balls anyway?
I want to know where the belief came from, not if you believe in it or not.


  1. i’ve heard that Native Americans use crystal balls to heighten their conciousness (spelled wrong) but i plan sometime in the next 4 years to go study with them so then i’ll know, for the most part it’s fake

  2. I was watching this show and they showed how they do it…. they have like this t.v thing and it shows pics. and stuff like that… ti is totally fake, but if u believe in it go ahead… tis is my opinion.

  3. Gazing into a crystal ball, as one answerer correctly stated above, is a form of divination called scrying.
    Personally, this method does not work well for me. I utilize the black scrying mirror myself. I made my own scrying mirror and it was a whole lot cheaper than buying a crystal ball (though I do now own one.)
    Scrying has been used by many cultures over time, so it would be difficult to accurately trace the origins.
    Remember that fictional movies and TV shows usually do not accurately portray divination practices. For instance, the typical fictional TV show has a character reading tarot cards, the reader will flip over the “Death” card and indicate that someone is actually going to die – this card on its own does not, in reality, mean a literal death of a person.

  4. Crystal ball gazing is a form of scrying that probably developed from other shamanic scrying practices, but is probably originally from Celtic Britain a couple thousand years ago.
    It does exist, and I professionally sell crystal ball readings. You can buy crystal balls in person at metaphysical book stores or gem stores, which I would recommend, because you want to choose one that is not cloudy but that has plenty of inclusions.

  5. The crystal ball is been used for many many many years as a divinatory tool. The way you practice it, depends on your beliefs & the way you scry. Hail Lucifer!!

  6. “gazing” into the crystal ball is a form of scrying- which is still in practice today. In order for scrying to work, you have to loosen your gaze, and let images come to you. People use flames, black mirrors, fire, water and crystals for such practices. So in order to gaze, you kind of have to stare at the crystal for a period of time until images come to you. It’s a very hard skill to master. And yes, I believe it’s true- though I don’t believe that most people can do it as well as they say. You can find crystal balls in most new age or rock shops. You only need a spherical rock with some abnormalities in it, as reading a crystal clear ball is hard.
    Hope it helps!

  7. the idea is that the ball is filled with nothing but cloud and smoke. the only thing you see is what relates to you. as master yoda said. “only what you take with you.”
    the crystal ball is meant to tell about you and your future by making you realize things you may consciously deny but unconsciously believe.


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