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What is the basic philosophy of Aleister Crowley?

Can someone sum up what Crowley’s beliefs were?
ahh thank you. I am a Satanist actually. I have been interested in the preceedings of Laveyan Satanism. That’s why I asked. =]


  1. There is a book written by Israel Regardie, “Gems of the Equinox”. this will show you a lot about his beliefs. He started out with belief in metaphysics and went into Satan worship and then in the end he denounced the Satan worship and went on to say he was wrong.

  2. He was a humanist who rejected anything outside of the self. He did however make allowances for individuals controlling forces that were supernatural, or natural. By rejecting that which was outside the self, he is not so much denying that other things exist, but rather that they were “higher”… more powerfull maybe, but not “higher”.
    Personally, I consider modern people’s fascination with A.Crowley to be a serious waste of time… most people who idolize him seem to do so out of a rejection of systems they dislike rather than anything particularly good he had to say. He’s really no better than modern day televangelists… a slick talker and fascinating to look at, but without any real academic merit.
    for some really mind blowing stuff check out niezche, aristotle, karl marx, plato…
    There is a reason why A. Crowley doesn’t get the respect that many thinks he deserves… and its not some sort of church based conspiracy against dissidents… plenty of dissidents get respect… it’s that he’s a crank.
    just on a side note, something that may interest you: Most satanists don’t actually believe in satan…

  3. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    Me personally, “First do no harm, then do what thou will.”

  4. Pretty much do what you want to do,
    I believe thats what he said, his little follower
    Lavey, pretty much said the same thing, what
    I heard on the documentary, they do believe in


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