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what is the baisc Yoga equipment shoud I get as an a beginer with out going over bord on spending money?

I am wanting to have my own Yoga equipment to use for class and not the studio’s. I’ve been doing pratcing yoga for a few mouths and I love it!! what should I get that would be the best equipment to use.


  1. just the mat and a hard surface and plenty of space to move about so you don’t knock down lampshades and stuff ..
    if you got carpet, then you don’t need a mat … if you’re interested, a good yoga dvd is $15 … thereabouts

  2. hmm. . . i’ve seen yoga mats for about 10.00 dollars each. you should get maybe.some excercise sweats. and a tank top. the total is about like maybe around 15/20 dollars.

  3. Well I do yoga on the WII. I only have some easy moving cloths and the WII. board, Then a water bottle.
    So I would say you should get cloths you know you can do the stuff in. Then a mat, with a water bottle.
    I would say that could run you any where from 30 to 100.00 Depends if you get the best of the best or just starters. Then you can move on to the more fun stuff like the block and weight’s. Good luck and keep up the good work. Don’t give up.

  4. I have been doing the YRG Workout which is yoga based. The thing Iove is that I don’t need any equipment, just a mat. If you want to lose weigth I suggest getting a heart rate monitor so you know when you are in your fat burning zone. I found some free videos on this at http://www.GreatDrills.com


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