What is the Aura & how can i see it

Our being is more than just our physical body. We have a complex energy system, comprised of our Aura, our Chakras or energy centres & the Meridians or energy channels. The life force that feeds our soul is known as the Universal Life Force or Chi Energy. Our soul requires this complex system to direct & channel this energy to sustain our soul. In later lessons we will look at the Chakras & Meridians in detail but to begin with we learn about the Aura.

What Is The Aura.

It is a well known fact that everything that exists in the known universe is made from atoms. These microscopic particles are themselves made from even smaller particles. It is generally thought that the basis for the smallest particles known to man, is some form of vibrating energy. It can be said that everything in existence is fundamentally just vibrating energy.

The Aura is believed to be electromagnetic radiation caused by the vibrating energy from within the particles that make up the atoms. The Aura around the human body consists of electromagnetic energy in the form of waves. The lower frequencies are related to functions of our body like metabolism and circulation. The higher frequencies are related to our conscious and subconscious minds like our emotions and our personality.

Some scientists including Michael Farraday & Thomas Edison, started to encounter the electro magnetic field that surrounds the body during their experiments. Since then Russian scientist S. D. Kirlan developed kirlian photography. Also called electro-photography, it is the technique of recording the electromagnetic field around a living organism.

In terms of psychic development the Aura is a representation of who we are and what our current state of being is. By looking at the aura we can get a sense of what state of mind a person is in and also an indication of the state of their health. Most importantly the Aura can tell us about the level of a person?s spiritual growth. The greater a persons spiritual connection becomes, the higher the frequency at which their Aura vibrates.

Although everything has an Aura from inanimate objects through to plants, animals and human beings, the Auras of living beings are different from that of inanimate objects. The Auras of living beings will change overtime depending on their spiritual and physical state. Our Aura?s change depending on whether we are in good health or not. It will also change as we experience different emotions and as we learn and grow spiritually. If a person or place has a negative effect on our Aura by draining its energy, it can give that person a feeling of wanting to move away, Often described as a gut feeling or instinct that they just don?t like that person or place. This can be caused by a lack of equilibrium between two Auras, if one Aura is more dominant than the other it can over power that Aura. Or if one Aura is damaged and needs to be healed it can drain energy from a healthier Aura. The message is then passed from the Aura into the nervous system of the physical body, giving us an uncomfortable feeling. The Aura of an inanimate object will remain generally the same. The exception to this is when the emotional state of a person affects their perception of what the Aura looks like.

The Subtle Bodies

The human Aura consists of several layers called energy bodies or subtle bodies of which there are at least Four, but it is claimed there could be as many as Severn.

The First layer closest to the physical body is the Ethereal Body. This has the lowest frequency.

Next is the Astral Body. This has a slightly higher frequency and is outside of the Ethereal Body.

Outside of the Astral Body is the Mental Body which has higher frequency again.

Then there is the Spiritual Body & possibly more bodies with even higher frequencies.

How To See The Aura.

The Aura extends just outside the solid edge of an object or person but it cannot be seen simply by looking directly at the edge. The Eyes are designed to see light which is electromagnetic energy. The range of frequencies that our eyes are sensitive to are known as the colours that we are all familiar with. The Aura consists of frequencies that are outside of this range, however it is believed that our peripheral vision can pick up some frequencies that are lost when we look directly at something. This means that to see a persons Aura we need to concentrate our sight just inside the edge of that person allowing us to see their Aura in our peripheral vision.

When you first start to see Aura?s there is a temptation to move our eyes to directly look at it, however when we do this we can no longer see it so it is important not to give in to this temptation and instead keep the edge of a person and therefore their Aura just outside the centre of our vision.

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3 thoughts on “What is the Aura & how can i see it”

  1. ever since I was in my teens I could leave my body and go to wonderful places, I even saw the life force on the furniture around me, they gave off a green aura, that lit the room enough for me to see in complete darkness. then my hearing became so sensitive, my mom and step dad on the other side of the house were whispering to each other, but I could here there whispers all around me. I turned around just by thought and saw my own body. scared, I pulled myself back into my body. I went crying t0o my mom and my step dad, only to be put down by them and, yes they were scared because I told them everything they were whispering. they told me it was from Satan and made me sleep at the bottom of there bed with a Bible under my pillow! now only sometimes I can Astor project, and once I played chaise with what felt like to me a male spirit. the forest was beautiful, and we stopped on a big rock in the middle of a small lake in a clearing, I felt his hand hold mine, but I couldn’t see him. after a short innocent holding of hands, he let go and left me there. I then left and went to a third world country and watched and older woman sweep a hard dirt floor with a home made broom. I new she could feel me in the room, cuz she kept turning around, but I kept right behind her as she would turn to see what was behind her. I didn’t want to scare
    her, so I just floated to the corner of the room and went back to my body. But sometime I get overtaken by something that doesn’t seem human, it takes me to dark forests I have never seen before. how do I over come the stigma, my parents have scared me with this? please answer, I never had found what happened to me until years later. Now sometimes I can sometimes I can’t and sometimes I am over taken by something I do not feel is human! help! Thank You…….

  2. Thank you for this article. It has opened my mind even further than I expected when I found your site this morning. I am really looking forward to your course.


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