Home Discussion Forum What is the athiest equivelent to the power of prayer or meditation?

What is the athiest equivelent to the power of prayer or meditation?

Meaning simply if your loved one is in the hospital with a small chance of living…what do you do?


  1. I have to hope the doctors can do everything in their power. Death is inevitable.
    BTW, my great-uncle just died after having a small chance of living, and everyone(my family) except me is a “prayer warrior”. It didn’t help anything.

  2. There is no power of prayer.
    Meditation has nothing to do with praying.
    If that happens to me, I can only hope and at the same time believe in the doctors that is to save him / her.

  3. Why, oh why does everyone think that every system of belief has to have features that match their own?
    Fallacy of composition. Just because one Indian walks in a line in the forest doesn’t mean they all do.

  4. I would of course be sad but also glad for them. Grief can be selfish, especially if that loved one is in pain. Death can be a release from the pain of life. If there was no hope for them I would do my best to comfort them and make the passing as painless as possible.

  5. I am an atheist and I meditate.
    As far as a loved one is concerned, I will make sure they get the best care that money can buy. I try to make them as comfortable as I can.

  6. Atheists meditate.
    (I do and I know many others who are like me)
    The power of prayer is an illusion.
    Whether or not it is helpful, of course, depends on the person. I am most likely going to say that I am thinking of them or keeping them in my thoughts.

  7. I am agnostic. I do not worship science, so there is no clear analog.
    In that case I would turn to science, but that is not prayer. I would discuss what is known with the doctor, what trials there may be.
    I would work to make their time in the hospital better. I would want them to not be in pain.
    That is not prayer though, since religious people do that too!

  8. I was there for my parents. I made sure their passing was comfortable and easy. Fortunately, they left living wills giving me the power to prevent the unnecessary prolonging of life. There was no prayer, I spoke to them and their doctors.
    We had some great conversations before they passed, and I cried after the funerals… but prayers would have changed nothing.

  9. The same thing I did when *I* had a small chance of living: Accept what I cannot change. Find the determination to do anything possible, but also brace for the worst.

  10. I take them a gift.
    You make the mistake of thinking that your prayer and meditation are going to do any good. It’s not. You further make the mistake of thinking of atheis as a religion It’s not. Rationalis and atheism are merly stating that there is no reason to believe a god exist. hat

  11. What would I do? … I’d wish it were different.
    I honestly do miss the power of prayer in that it made me THINK I did something in a powerless situation.


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