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What is the appropriate section of yahoo answers to ask tarot and divination questions?

In R&S?


  1. R&S is a good choice since a number of pagans/wiccans hang out here and we can usually answer any questions about tarot or other forms of divination.
    Mythology & Folklore is a good choice, too (some practitioners of divination hang out there, too).

  2. I’d say Cultures and Groups or here in R&S. While the Tarot and various other forms of divination have spiritual aspects, that doesn’t always mean that the question will be relevant to the forums about spirituality.

  3. R&S is the best choice if or until Y!A expands its categories. And many of us have real answers about tarot.
    I wouldn’t categorize tarot under mythology & folklore because it isn’t either; it’s a belief and a practice.
    You just have to ignore the “tarot is a scam” or “tarot isn’t real” answers. They’re just ignorant assumptions.

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  5. R and S. I’ve seen tarot and divination in the astrology section, and I’ve wondered why they do that. Astrology is specific, with zodiac signs, charts and aspects. There’s some similarity, but it’s not the same at all.
    I think you’ve found the appropriate section.

  6. Regarding Tarot, it depends on the type of question. Tarot cards are not always used for divination. They are still used in many places in Europe especially in France for playing a card game similar to Spades. In fact, Tarot cards were originally intended for game playing and their use in divination began long after the creation of this deck. Card games might also be an appropriate category if one were to ask questions concerning the gaming uses of Tarot.


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