Home Discussion Forum what is the African word for reincarnation?

what is the African word for reincarnation?

I got a new dog and she looks just like my dog that passed away in October. I wanted to find a name that means ‘reincarnation’.
I know that there are many different languages, I chose not to pick one like Swahili or anything because I was hoping there was a variety of answers to choose from. I’m not dumb.


  1. Um, in case you didn’t notice, Africa is a HUGE place with hundreds or even thousands of languages and dialects. Care to pick one?

  2. Africa is a continent with dozens of countries and thousands of languages. There’s no such thing as an”African” language. what did you have in mind?

  3. A lot of Africans speak either English or French. In French, reincaration is la réincarnation. Some synonyms in French are la métempsychose (mind transplantation) & la renaissance (rebirth).


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