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What is the actual transcendental meditation technique?

There isn’t ANY PLACE on the internet that even remotely describes the technique used in TM. I KNOW the technique is copyrighted and is only taught by liscensed instructors, but I’m only looking for a summary, not detailed steps. If anyone has been taught the techinique, I’d appreciate something a bit more than just the typical advertisement every website is offering.
And I’m not looking to personally use the techinque, I’m writing a paper on it.


  1. Teaching procedure
    The technique is taught to new practitioners in a standardized, seven-step procedure, consisting of two introductory lectures, a personal interview, and a two-hour instruction session given on each of four consecutive days. Instruction begins with a short ceremony performed by the teacher, after which the student learns the technique and begins practicing. Subsequent sessions provide further clarification of correct practice, as well as more information about the technique.[3][4]
    According to the official web sites, the Transcendental Meditation technique can only be learned from an authorized teacher; the fee provides for the introductory course of seven lessons, and lifetime checking of the technique for correct practice.[5].
    [edit] Principles of the technique
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in The Science of Being and Art of Living postulates that the source of thought, or source of the human being’s creative intelligence exists at the deepest level of the subconscious mind, beyond what the senses can experience, and beyond thought itself. He names this field “transcendental Being”. He suggests that thought rises from this deep level through the multiple levels of the subconscious mind becoming less and less subtle until the conscious level of the mind is reached and the thought can actually be clearly experienced as a thought.
    Maharishi describes these more subtle thoughts as generally not consciously appreciated by the mind. He uses the analogy of the bubble that in deep levels of water cannot be seen as a bubble. Only as the bubble becomes larger, and reaches the surface of the water is the bubble known to be a bubble.
    Maharishi notes creation ranges from gross to more subtle levels. Human beings through their senses are capable of experiencing the gross levels of creation but generally not the more subtle levels, for example, the human ear cannot hear radio waves. He says that thought too has grosser and subtle levels. He suggests that if thought can be experienced in its more infant or more subtle states as well as its grosser states, and that if the very subtlest form of thought can be transcended, then transcendental Being can be experienced.
    The Transcendental Meditation technique is described as a technique in which the practitioner is actually assigned a thought, in this case a specific sound, or mantra, to which no meaning is given. The practitioner can experience that thought systematically on its multiple levels from gross to most subtle until potentially the thought itself is transcended and the practitioner can experience even the source of the thought, transcendental Being. Maharishi says the practice of allowing the mind to experience subtle levels of thought, over time brings those subtle levels to within the capacity of the conscious mind. “This is how the conscious mind is enlarged to its maximum capacity embracing within its fold”,[6] Maharishi says, subtle levels of thought and even the source of thought or source of creative intelligence, thereby increasing the mind’s power and abilities.[7]
    Maharishi describes the TM technique as one which requires no preparation, is simple to do, and can be done by anyone.

  2. Hi Mr. Turban, I practice TM and its great! Its really easy to learn and to do but you need a TM instructor to learn. It can’t be learned from a book or anything. Its very delicate and you need guidance at each step. There is no focus on breathing or staring at a candle like other meditations its totally natural and effortless. There is a special meaningless sound (mantra) and the special technique how to use the mantra that doesn’t involve concentration. You practice for 20 minutes twice a day and then enjoy your life what ever you do. I know all kinds of people who do TM.
    They have TM centers all over the country and you can visit them any time and get follow up for free once you have taken the TM course. I hope you get to learn TM and get an A on your paper! Peace, Star Gazer

  3. There are Certified TM Teachers all over the US who are dedicated to finding loans, grants, scholarships to enable everyone to learn The Transcendental Meditation Technique regardless of their financial situation. Call the Toll Free number 888-LEARNTM on the website TM.org and you will find a TM teacher near you.
    The TM Organization is a non-profit (5013c) organization and teaches The Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM.org) in many extremely poor countries around the world, as well as to people in need in the US
    Personal instruction: the key to success.
    Maharishi, the founder of the TM program, spent over 50 years elucidating the principles behind the Transcendental Meditation technique, always emphasizing the need for personal, one-on-one instruction:
    “By necessity, the practice of Transcendental Meditation is imparted by personal instruction. It cannot be done through a book [or CD or online training] because it not only involves telling an aspirant how to experience the subtle states of thinking, but an even greater responsibility lies in finding out what the aspirant experiences when he proceeds on that path… The experiences on the path of Transcendental Meditation are very subtle… It takes a while for the beginner to be able to pinpoint his experiences of the subtle state of thought. The practice of Transcendental Meditation must always be given by the expert teachers of Transcendental Meditation who have been properly trained to give it and who have been trained to check the experiences.
    “The checking of experiences is a vital point in the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Again, it cannot be done through books…by nature it is delicate and therefore highly technical. But under personal instruction and guidance the way is smooth and easy.“ [Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Science of Being and Art of Living (New York: Plume/Penguine Group, 1963/2001), p. 35-36]
    The process of systematic “effortless transcending” is simple and easy, but also very, very delicate; so delicate that it was lost to society, East and West, for thousands of years simply because of misunderstanding and inadequate teaching methods
    Maharishi revived correct practice of this technique and structured a systematic, standardized course of personal instruction to ensure that everyone everywhere can gain maximum benefit from meditation. Learning TM from a properly trained teacher was the best decision I ever made. Good luck to you


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