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What is that strong negative feeling or energy some people give off? Why can I feel it ?


  1. Its there natural state of being. Some are good at heart and some arnt. What you feel from them is who they are somehow you can sense the very essence of there soul. Thats good it will be very useful.

    • Hi! I too am feeling some energy from someone. I always have felt that I am very sensitive to peoples energy and too many people make me feel as if I am receiving way too much energy or negative energy. I have been in a large place with many people and feel only positive energy. Its the bad energy that makes me feel sick or to try and explain it…overwhelmed?
      Anyway, this energy from this person is so strong that I dare not look into their eyes! I try to act casual but I cannot help pick this energy up! It feels as if a hole is being burned into my very being. I can actually feel his energy!
      I use to be called a loud thinker! Then other times I feel nothing. I mean nothing.
      Maybe I do pick up on others energy?????
      I have connected with other souls and I feel A very strong connection with this person. I just am not sure what the connection means or what is to come.
      Any help???

  2. I think you’re picking up on really subtle cues like body language and breathing.
    The people are probably just stressed out or annoyed or a little aggressive or whatever.

  3. Sometimes people are miserable and are only happy when everybody else around them is miserable as well. This is an energy that negative people do emit. There is no phenomenon but just the apparent truth. These people will not have happy relationships, have few friends, and will most likely not have a good reputation at work. If you are good friends with this person or they are a family member, try to reach out and show them the way. If not just steer clear of them and surround yourself around positive and happy people.

  4. I seem to read people pretty naturally and can usually feel how they feel just by being near them. I don’t know why but whenever I get really strong feelings from someone I start to pick it up. If they are sad I feel sad, if they are angry I get extremely quiet and almost feel like I’m shrinking. It’s a good and bad thing but I like being able to tell how people feel even when they are hiding it because if there is something wrong I can try to help.

    • i do the same thing i thought it was just me and that i am crazy at night time i can feel the energy of someone sneaking around my dad gets kinda creeped out by it but glad he gets the early warning before someone decicedes to break in i dont know why i get this and when i give a message i take the negative energy and replace it with good energy but i feel so zapped afterwards and whiule doing it i get the sweatiest red roaring hot hands its so strange i feel other life fources (non human/spirits) and i dont know what to do about it its not scaring just strange and gets annoying sometimes espec when im drained or run down or been around a “vampire” energy theif so plz help me if u can or give me advice on how to controll it better its not new to me but im deff not experinced i havnt really done much exploration in to that department i also see things sometimes which might sound crazy but i am not crazy…….just wanting advice


  6. Love the posts. I feel allot from people. Some have said I am a psychic feeler. A bit odd to me, but I think that is true. I don’t try to push things too much. But energy is everywhere, negative and positive.

  7. I also get knots or a sick feeling in my stomach around negatives .. I am outgoing and confident and very happy… but when negative energy hits from people.. I feed off of it and I feel very awkward and uncomfortable.. I get quiet and do not act like myself. at all. it can literally all to my mood for the rest of the day lol

  8. Hi! I can sense the energy of other people too quite well and I don’t exactly have a problem with it but…I am pretty much not okey. I have million of issues with myself and I’m just not exactly stable person at times…so I don’t really know what kind of energy I give off but I’m thinking not good by the fact not everything is good in my head so…does anyone have an idea how to actually change your energy?

  9. Hi
    Im a Sagittarius and my husband is a virgo. I was born 12/01/66, he was born 09/09/70 his son was born 11/09/08. When the child was born my husband stated that he could not stand the sight of the child when he was born. I couldn’t understand it since it was his own child. When I met the child myself I found that I felt the same way about him and found myself wanting to hurt him. Others have felt the same about this child. Please help me to understand why are we having these feelings. some say it might have been something he done in his past life. I actually left my husband due to that reason, although that was not the only reason. I am afraid for this child. I hate the fact that I can’t stand the sight of this child. What is going on???? Please help me. Thanks

  10. I feel the exact same when around certain people’s energy and I don’t know how to put it. My take on it is that I even get strong headaches when I feel negative energy and when it is positive energy I can talk to that person for hours or like we’ve known each other for awhile. I connect to certain types of people and some make me feel nervous and uncomfortable because they give off that negativity I don’t want. I’m thinking of learning Hypnotheropy, so I can become better at controlling my energy and frequency. If anyone else feels this way too, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    • Hi, It’s October 2013. Today for the first time in my life, I felt a pool of negative energy from someone from my past that caused me to get sick. An old roommate, that I hadn’t seen in a while, I ran into her in the grocery store. Right away, I was happy to see her, and said hi, but I made the mistake of leaning in to give her a hug. OMG, right away, I felt this overwhelming feeling of anxiety, mingled with cold shivers inside my body. It was this gross feeling and even though she was smiling at me, I realized that she hated me. At that moment, I remembered things that people told me about her, that she was saying about me. We spoke briefly than she dismissed me but that feeling lasted until I got home and was able to burn some white sage over my body. I realized that this feeling was potentially hatred. This lady truly disliked me and for the first time, I felt that energy and it was disgusting. I will be more careful whom I shake hands with, or hug in the future thanks to her.

  11. Hi. When I go to certain places ie a pub or nightclub or a freinds house after a short while I start to feel weird and can’t enjoy myself and become a different person . I can’t stay and I have to go home . Not every pub or house dose this to me . Also when in company of some people who come to my work place a strange feeling comes over me like I don’t want them in my space like I can feel badness from them . How can I control this .

  12. I don’t think we should avoid everyone like someone mentioned. I just think it happens when we meet needy or just very negative people that seem to suck our energy. There are many other people who give us a opposite feeling and increase our energy.
    I think it’s a good sense to have as it means we can avoid or dump people ( as nicely as possible) who don’t enhance or add anything to our lives.


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